About Us

I have been a self employed entrepreneur since 1998. I was always looking for a new business that would interest me and keep me busy. I have owned and operated conventional towing operations, three different shops and I have been a licensed mechanic in the automotive industry.

I also have passion for real estate, home renovations, and fixing up and selling homes. Everything from building new homes (including my own) to leading other new home projects with family, friends and clients. I truly am a jack of all trades and love to see a project to completion.

Through all these endeavors I have always needed to move things, from equipment to building material and more. Offering this service has been a great accompaniment to my other endeavors, and is a great way to stay connected in my community. I meet some great people along the way.

So if you need something moved, big or small, local or long distance, just give me a call. I’m always happy to give you a fast, friendly quote.

Peter Chamberlain, Owner and Operator of iHAULit.ca

Flatbed deliveries Ontario